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To grow your dental services & offerings. is a  exclusive platform for dentists in mexico that will help Your dental services.

It has about 50k Potential Patients from USA and Mexico every month searching for Dental services like Dental Crowns , Dental Implants ,Teeth Whitening Services etc.. do this by:

  1. Featuring you on our lead pages like “Best dentist in Baja California“.

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Having SEO for high quality organic keywords.

  1. We forward you leads that we capture on our website.

For this i can offer you something that you can’t resist i.e $100 only.

  In that we provide.

  1. Our lead page
  2. Patient assistance & retention.
  3. SEO tips for your website.

We will Approx Provide 50 leads with an average value of $200 means leads worth $10000 which means high ROI (Return On Investment)

Let’s explore How Dentalinmexico can specifically help your Dental offering.