25 Reason to visit Dentist in Tijuana Mexico

25 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dentist in Tijuana Mexico For affordable Dental Services

If you are planning to visit dentist in Tijuana Mexico for affordable Dental Services, Tijuana can be your perfect location. Located in Baja California just about 200 km from Los Angeles, USA. Dentist in Tijuana Mexico can be a perfect choice for your Dental Care and Dental needs.

Dentist In Tijuana Mexico are one of the best dentist around Mexico with highly specialised service and huge experience.

I am going to give you 25 reasons why you should visit dentists in Tijuana Mexico for your dental problems and Dental needs..

Why you should visit dentist in Tijuana for your Dental treatment:


  1. Trained and highly professional dentist

trained and professional dentist


Dentist in  Mexico provides you with the best trained  and highly Professional Dentist In Tijuana Mexico.

Actually Most of the dentist in Mexico are  highly qualified dentist that  have studied and completed their degree and Training from prestigious colleges of US and Canada.

Many of them have even taken specialisation in certain specific dental branches .

The Dentist In Tijuana Affiliated With Dental In Mexico also Provides  you with 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you can be sure that you are in right place for your dental treatment and dental services at affordable prices.

Thus  you can be sure that these then it is a highly trained and highly experienced in their work..

  1.  Licensed Dentists that Maintains Quality standards :-

Quality standard


The Government of Mexico regulate the dental clinics and Dental work across the Country. Thus dentist in Tijuana Mexico  are highly experienced and licensed by the government of Mexico .T

hey also have to maintain the quality standards which are Regulated by the government.



  1. Speak good English and Spanish

Speaks good english


Although 99.3 Mexico population knows and speak Spanish, but Dentist living in Tijuana can I speak fluent English as well.. This is due to the fact that most of them have studied and completed their education from prestigious colleges of USA..

They Know how to talk to dental tourists and treat american dental tourists with most care and respect !

  1. Customer oriented services:-

customer oriented


Dentist in Tijuana that are chosen by Us are best In all Departments and  very much customer oriented .They will listen to your problems patiently and will suggest you the right way and guide you Through all Your Dental Problems. You don’t need to panic about anything.

You can book your appointment at your own time and can take dental treatment at your own pace…

No Hurry and Hustle at Anything .

When you Book a dentist associated with  Dental in Mexico,You will get a step by step process and treatment for Your dental problem .The dentist here take the feedback after the treatment as well and maintain good relation for Lifetime.


5. Complete dental packages:-

Dental package


When you book an appointment with dental in Mexico you will get the complete dental package including including travel accommodation and  Dental service so that you don’t need to worry about anything or plan anything in advance..

When You take Dental Package With Us , We will Plan Everything according to Your Needs and Demand.

6.Good staff and services:-

good staff


The support staff of dentist including dental assistants , receptionists and technicians are excellent and very cooperative.

They are very friendly for dental tourist and will treat you with huge respect and care.

The dental Services in Tijuana Mexico are excellent and in no way less than provided in USA.


  1. World class Equipments  and Procedures:-

World class equipment


The dentist in Tijuana Mexico uses world class equipment and High-tech machines for  dental work .They use the same sterilization technique as that are used in USA . Also They uses the same materials For Your Dental Procedures and Dental Treatments that are used in USA.

Hence, You Will Love The Quality Of Work Done By Dentist In Tijuana Mexico..


  1. Cheaper and affordable Dental Services

    Affordable dentist in tijuana mexico

This Is One Of The Main Reason Why Most Americans Like To Visit Mexico For Dental Treatments.

Dental services and Treatments in Tijuana Mexico are around 80% cheaper than services in USA…

This is due to the fact that dental schools and colleges in Mexico are subsidized by the government. Hence you can get dental treatments of High Quality at very low and affordable cost as compared to USA….

For Example Dental Implants Cost In Tijuana is Around 100$ which is 80% cheaper than Dental Implants Done In USA !




So you can save thousands of dollars by visiting dental in Tijuana for your dental treatments.


 9.Maintain Hygiene and Quality Standard:-

clean and hygenic

As we said before the Dental clinics are regulated by the government .

Hence it  guarantees that dental clinics maintain quality standards and follows all the rules and regulations prescribed by the government of Mexico .

You will Find the dental clinics In Tijuana are clean and very hygienic.

The Dental Clinic also have high quality Water Purifiers and Hot Boiling Water etc are all up to the standards.

10. Perfect location to visit dental tourism

One of the most visited countries for dental tourism  in the world are Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, and India. Mexico being closer to USA is a perfect location for US citizens to visit and get their dental treatments…

Smaller towns like Palomas are very close to USA borders and will just take minutes to cross… But we will suggest you to travel for few hours and visit big cities in Mexico like Tijuana, Los Algodones for your dental treatment….

We, Dental in Mexico also provides you with shuttle service of taking you off from the border to the dental clinics at no extra cost.. So you can just sit back and relax for a few hours before your dental treatments starts.


  1. Provides dental finance


Dental in Mexico believes that customer satisfaction and care is much more Higher and valuable than money.

Thus if you book and schedule your appointment with  Dentist  through dental in Mexico, you can get a finance option as well so that you don’t have to pay the entire fees upfront.

you can pay in easy monthly instalment as well and can enjoy your dental treatment at very minimal cost


  1. It’s absolutely safe and secure

The dental treatments here in Mexico hundred percent safe and pain free…



  1. You won’t feel alone

You won't feel alone

Large  number of USA citizens visit Mexico every month for their dental needs and dental treatment . Thus, you won’t feel alone at all as if visiting  in some other country.

Also the dental tourist  are treated with utmost care and respect because dental tourists are lifeline for livelihood for dentist in Mexico .So you can be sure that’s your teeth are in  Professional hands.

Also if you are feeling nervous about getting dental treatments done in Mexico warranty Joanna Mexico you can bring a friend with you for your moral support.

Waiting rooms are designed specially for relatives to stay and relax when treatment is going on.

these are very well design with all amenities needed.



14. Book a dentist through dental in Mexico & get 50% discount.

Book with us

Generally People those who planned to visit Mexico for dental treatment do lots of research in finding good dentist, which city to choose, place for accommodation etc. this takes a lot of time in planning and researching for best dentist and Best dental services in Mexico.

We were founded with the main motto of providing you with the best dentists in Mexico along with saving your prestigious time and money at no extra cost.

Using a dental tourism agency like dental in Mexico lets you to connect  directly to a highly qualified dentist living in Tijuana Mexico at no extra cost.

Also You don’t have to arrange your travel and accommodation as well we do it all for you. One flat fee includes everything that is your travel accommodation and dental services.

Also if you book through us you can get a complete dental package at 50% discount and can save thousands of dollars.

This saves a lot of time And Money of yours that you spend for researching a good dentist in Tijuana Mexico.


15. Best for senior citizens

senior citizen

Senior citizens often depends on their monthly pensions for their day today expenses. As dental rates and Dental treatments are very high in USA as compared to Mexico, most senior citizens cannot afford to pay High dental fees in USA for the dental treatments.

According to a survey 70% of senior citizens can’t afford to pay high fees for their Dental Services in USA. Thus becoming a dental tourist and going to Mexico for Dental Services is the best option for senior citizens so that they can save their precious money and can get the best dental treatments at much affordable dental prices as compared to USA.

Senior citizen can also enjoy tourist part and can take the advantages of visiting exotic beaches of Mexico with awesome shopping destinations.


  1. Specialisation of Dentist

Dental specialization

You can go to Tijuana Mexico for any dental treatments for any dental work at very affordable prices whether you want a Cosmetic work like Venus or teeth whitening are you want to find orthodontist or Endodontist Mexico’s the right place to go.

The doctors and dentist share are highly specialised in their particular field and you can get all sorts of dental treatments at very low prices as compared to USA.



17.No visa required


One thing about going to Mexico for your dental work is that you don’t require any Visa to cross the borders.

But make sure you will need to have a valid passport with you and that’s it.



  1. You can pay in US dollars and credit cards:

credit card are accpeted by dentist in Tijuana Mexico

If you book dentist with the reputed Dental tourism  agency like Dental In mexico, you can have the advantages of paying the money in US dollars…

You can also pay via credit card of upfront and can Schedule an appointment or else you can you can book the appointment and can pay the cash on the go…

Also the dental treatment includes the complete dental package if you book through us and you’ll have to give only one flat fee for your entire dental work….

As we said before your acommadation shuttle and travel service and Dental treatment service. all are included in One Dental Packages.

19. Low cost medicines:-

medicines are cheap for dentist in Tijuana Mexico

I don’t think I need to tell you that but yeah you can buy medicines which are prescribed by the dentist in Mexico at much lower and affordable right as compared to USA.

The Medical Stores are open 24*7 for your dental services . You can also take advatngaes of buying medicines at much cheaper cost as compared To USA.


20.For extensive dental treatment Mexico is the place to go:-


Some treatments may take two or three visits to the dental clinic… And it’s not a rocket science Mexico’s the best place for the extensive dentist work… Because the extensive dental treatments in USA would cost you two or three times then the extensive dental treatments  in Mexico Tijuana…. Thus this is no brainer that extensive dentist work in Mexico including the complete package will be much less than the dental work in USA…..

You can Go To Mexico , Visit and Enjoy The Places and Can Return Home At Half the Price, That would have cost if You Did your Dental Treatment In USA .


21. You don’t have to plan anything


Just sit back and relax and Dental in Mexico will arrange and take care of everything you need.

Just fill out a form and we will provide you with the best Dentist in Tijuana for your Dental treatment at no extra cost.

We will plan and book your appointment according to your needs and schedule and design a complete an exclusive package according to your requirements. You cannot find a match for dental in Mexico for your dental needs.


22. You can check prices and get free estimate before you go:-


It’s Obvious that  People will generally like to know the prices before going to another Country for Dental work. And we know this.

So we have provided approximate price listing so that you can check the difference in prices between USA and Mexico.

Also you can get a free quote and an estimate of complete dental package for your dental treatment and Dental needs. That means all cost included and one flat fees for everything including shuttle service accommodation travel and Dental service all in one.



23. Americans are happy with their dental treatments in Mexico:-

90% of Americans have that have booked and  scheduled Dentist through Dental in Mexico rated dental treatments in Mexico as excellent services.

Thus  we can assure you that you are in the right place for your dental treatments.


24. Be a Dental tourist and Enjoy The Tourist Part :-

enjoy tourist part in Tijuana

If you are planning to visit Mexico for dental work why not enjoy the tourist part.

Let me tell you if you don’t know Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world by tourists.

Mexico is known for its shopping destinations and exotic beach that you just cant resist to go before and after your dental treatments.

Whether you want a cowboy hat or  want to taste delicious Mexican multi cuisine you can take the advantage of spending one of the best nights of your life in Mexico.

Whether you are on a business trip our own personal vacation we can plan your dental treatment around your trip so that you can not only take advantage of best and affordable Dental Services in Mexico but you can also enjoy the beaches and cities in and around Mexico.


25. Dentist do most of the work:-

If you have visited dentists in USA you must have noticed that most of that work are done by dental assistant not by Dentists Themselves.

Dentists in USA mostly do small amount of work like just filling etc. But in Mexico you will find dentist doing most of the work by themselves.

This assures you that’s your treatment are done by professionals and experienced dentist not by dental assistants.


26. Get a Free eye exam and 60% off on contact lenses and glasses


Last but not the least I will give you one more reason to book your appointment with a dentist in Tijuana.

You can Get Your Eyes check  Eyes for free and get can get your results Instantly.

Also we provide you with 60% off on contact lenses and glasses if you need one.




So here we have provided you with 25 reasons on why to visit  Mexico for Dental treatments and Dental work…. To summarise up let me tell you the dental work and dentist in Mexico are highly experienced qualified and professional and you can save thousands of dollars if you get your treatment done in Mexico with us… Also you will enjoy the tourist part as well and as a whole it will be a good experience !!


So what you waiting for… Go get a free estimate for your dental work now !